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4New Official: Not Giving Away ETH

4NEW is the world’s first ecologically clean, wise departure from the Blockchain solution for the power industry, 4NEW Limited is proud to announce the initial placement of coins of the world’s largest plant in line with waste recycling, which is fully integrated into the chain of blocks.

4new inventes a unique plan, and it will not only become a profitable business, but also a good form of service for the population of the earth, since he believes that it is necessary to use waste household waste. The plan will be suitable for the environment around, so good for all the habitats of this grid and nature. 4New will connect 2 products in the real world to create a product with the result of costs and gain revenue from it, spreading it to the buyer. In order to better understand, waste is probably a daily product, which is constantly located in surplus, and energy is probably a daily necessary product, which is constantly needed, and if it is cheap, it has the opportunity to create great demand.

4NEW Limited is a company in accordance with waste processing in the energy sector.
4NEW Smart Meter Limited is a leasing and management company of Smart Meter.
4NEW Assets Limited is a holding company in accordance with the management of real estate, connecting the main funds.

Token, used on the platform for making transactions, makes payments and regulates the introduction of electricity by family farms, industry and personal users, is considered a 4NEW coin. Any 4NEW plant owns the smallest annual capacity of about 40,000 tons per year of waste processing.

Their tokens will be called FRN. The ICO cost for the FRN token is quite heterogeneous with about 4 steps of the ICO. As an initial information for this episode, they picked up funds from the players for about 25 million US dollars and begin to grow again because of some things that I have outlined more. Here is the ICOschedule, which they prepared together with information on prices and bonuses.

By storing a transaction in the 4th coin for converting waste into energy, the buyer’s economy will be increased and the transaction will become colorless, as if the scam would not be feasible.

The product is based on the need, solving two social problems, excess excess and lack of energy. The block-apron will be built on top of the basic infrastructure of finishing, covering the entire supply chain, from collecting waste to generate electricity for the implementation of power units of state intrigue or between buyers and industry counterparts.

Taking into account the practical nature of the services, the firm is confident that 4NEW will successfully merge the chain of chains in real waste additions to energy conversion with a wide spread.

They intend to create energy, recycling waste into water and organic ones that were used, which they then have every chance to use either for implementation in public plunder, or for application on their mining farm.
They intend to allocate the costs of cleaning the waste with a profit that they have every chance of getting, charging for the collection of waste and selling the most significant products that they collect. They argue in their own act, as if they must fully cover the cost of creating energy, or even throw them with additional profits.

Not so long ago a number of different energy plans appeared on the market of crypto-currencies. It seems that maybe it’s better only for their own intentions.
They have an experienced brigade, which is based in England. With more than 30 million dollars, already raised during the initial implementation of the tokens, they will have a lot of money to start working with their plan.
This token is obliged to give players a great catalyst to contain their own tokens with earnings that are allowed to be obtained either by mining or by selling energy back to the national network.

Website: http://www.4new.co.uk/
Whitepaper: http://www.4new.co.uk/assets/4new_whitepaper-b8dc2e26a9cee02804ea431a1aaa5910dbc634c47d2cdf10a281ca95b8f7ddb6.pdf
LightPaper: http://www.4new.co.uk/assets/4new_lightpaper-ee8408e3239a0eab688e35ce6097e84ca47a9b4376210714535da2e08b32859d.pdf
Facebook: https://fb.me/4newcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4newcoin

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