A local-scale Crypto Bank that works with people

The situation
Nowadays, our world is getting more involved into digital economy with cryptocurrencies being the cornerstone of this movement. Since the need for cryptocurrencies exchange, purchase, and storing is growing, many new companies offer tons of services. Although, almost no other company on the digital economy market has the same facilities to offer as Bitex has. Bitex provides its customers with a unique ability to access the online crypto bank, interacting closely with the clients on a local scale and simultaneously holding a top position on a global market scale.

The Bitex Company

Bitex — is an international company specialized in crypto economy. It provides lots of services and can be viewed as a crypto bank since the specter of its services covers almost every aspect of cryptocurrencies using as if compared to traditional fiat currencies use. Bitex stands out from the rest of its competitors on the market by orienting its services and products on the local scale operations. By targeting its offerings on a small auditory, the company aims to provide a tailored integration with its customers while still holding the top positions on the world scale and offering large, business-scaled financial products. This approach makes Bitex one of the few companies in the world that are customizing their crypto product.

What does it have to offer?

The company offers such services as: digital wallet, mobile wallet application, crypto-exchange platform, trading systems for converting digital and fiat currencies, loaning system, and corporate payments system. All these services are provided locally and globally so that there’s no need to change a crypto-economics company you work with once you want to develop your project further and bring it to an international level.

The XBX Token

The XBX token is to be considered as a main option of making and receiving payments and conducting various financial operations through the Bitex platform. The tokens would be issued in a quantity of 39M only at the time of the ICO. According to the company rules, there won’t be any XBX tokens available for purchasing after the ICO. Also, the company is going to establish a program that would encourage the platform users to use XBX tokens by providing a certain amount of discounts and rewards offered to those clients who use Bitex tokens.

The EZBitex Platform

For a solid maintenance of customers security and overall stability, all financial operations that are offered by the Bitex company would be held on the EZBitex platform. The Platform offers a variety of services and products extending from corporate payments to cryptocurrencies exchange. These producrs would be secured by the Bitex Security System and would be held accordingly to the Bitex mission and values. From the another side of the platform, it would be firmly supported by a range of technollogies. EZBitex organizes a service of using the APIs that allow third parties to use the platform for conducting their payments in a digital economy format. Additionally, the company has numerous hardware solutions, such as the ATMs that allow to operate with the Bitex products, both physical and digital. The ATMs would be offered in all the regions where the company works.

Basic functions of the EzBitEx

Final thoughts

Bitex is inspired by an idea of developing the worldwide network of crypto banking system that essentially consists of small, local parts. By targeting its divisions, the company has the most tailored assistance and support services to offer, though the main part of its offerings is crypto banking service. Not only by providing the number of popular digital economy services but also by tailoring them for clients tastes and preferences, Bitex is tending to be a unique company that has a variety of things to offer everyone.

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