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It’s apparent that, in the recent while, the blockchain technology has been able to establish itself in the real-world economics: there is even the evidence to claim that an increasing abundance of people uses digital coins for the purposes of doing shopping, registering the documents, or investing into the promising projects. As frequent as it happens, however, there are still some of the problems between converting the cryptocurrency into the real-world (fiat) money. People simply lack the required knowledge of means of doing so, thus wasting enormous fees and commissions.

Realizing such shortcomings, the BitEspirit was created to ultimately provide a platform for the effective and simple trading, the digital coin exchange, and the ICO investment. Truly, even as the ideology follows, there came a need for uniting all the crypto services under the premise of one app, which BitEspirit was able to successfully accomplish.

In its entity, the BitEspirit exploits the trading strategies of the experienced users, being that one can simply borrow someone else’s philosophy with a purpose of obtaining the guaranteed profits. Simultaneously, the platform provides for the integration with the real-world currencies. The way it works is pretty simply: bitcoin is paired with the American dollars, while Ethereum and others with Euros. Likewise, it’s worth knowing that it’s possible to withdraw all of the invested funds from the BiEsprit platform to the debit card and directly to one’s bank. Such a procedure ultimately reduces the overwhelming commissions and fees, thus eliminating the need for paying extra.

What seems to be the cherry on the cake of BitEsprit is the fact that it allows for the ICO participation without paying extra fees for operating. One doesn’t even have to go through the rigorous process of registration to invest into the program of the focus. On the opposite, everything is pretty simple, even providing the users with the list of the reliable ICO’s, checked by the professionals co-operating with BitEsprit. All the while, one shouldn’t forget about the multi-cryptocurrency wallet that is available on the platform. The app for so is distinct from the trading exchange platform, which is why it’s even more reliable and safe, especially for the newcomer users.


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