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With the help of blockchain technology, the developers of this plan have invested the patented luminous method to give any superiority to the burglars. Is it probably your family network or corporate network, the creators of this plan claim that they have all the chances to get rid of crackers from these grids.

Vulnerabilities with no time are only a defect that is not known. Hackers acquire this non-faultlessness and use it to open systems in order to steal important papers or simply run around in circles. In some cases, perhaps it is possible to lead to compliance dilemmas.

Current HNY was invented by the utility token, which will act as a confirmation token. Probably a token, which at least some one who launches it or its StingMiner, will get in exchange access to the digital burglary track.

The conclusion offered by BitFence is contained in the reduction of the average time needed to detect harmful According to no day. Apart from this, the creators of this plan will actively develop a protective conclusion to mitigate the dangers.

Conclusion BitFence actively protects the intrigues of users on such, as to happen any khaki. To achieve this, BitFence consists of the data of 3 shares:

1. Distributed device HoneyPot

BitFence will offer incentives for anyone who operates with BitFence software. Miners will be rewarded through the HNY tokens.

2. The collection of information

Harmful these, collected by miners, will be analyzed and evaluated in accordance with this cause of nicks. Probably will be achieved with the support of AI in real time.

3. Distribution of information

After collection these are transferred to all BitFence subscribers. Probably helps to moderate similar risks in the future.

Firm A is probably a small business that makes toys for children. The firm is in charge of the e-commerce trading center located in the cloud. Hackers are constantly attacking the company’s Internet site, e-commerce shopping center and various servers and the basis of these.

Because of these attacks, these own buyers and the time of the non-verbal work of the Internet site are constantly in danger. To solve this problem, BitFence gives an economical conclusion with minimal expenses. Available solutions are difficult and cost around 5 thousand bucks any month.

The protection provided by BitFence will block the highest threats, harmful resources and other terrible IP addresses, just because of a few seconds. It’s great, as if everything will probably proceed according to absolutely wise values.

Firm B owns a lot of generators of overcast services. The consulting firm owns a number of offices in various locations. They still use a VPN with F5 gateways. The firm realizes that their servers are often attacked. They use countless measures, but they have all the chances to find themselves ineffective. For example, the possibility that an intruder uses Wotan and that’s an IP address, and leaves Wotan, after all, is an imprint, is low enough. BitFence will undoubtedly help B, giving it access to vulnerabilities with no-day found by BitFence miners.

The best protection against burglars at the lowest possible cost. We are worried about your safety.
BitFence gives the most successful and economical protection against crackers in accordance with the comparison with FireEye, McAfeeRSA and others.
The protection provided by BitFence will shut down the high-performance hosts, harmful these, microbes, harmful Consistent, distrustful addresses automatically for a few seconds around the world after the danger is «mined» by the network of our StingMiners and will be crammed with the BitFence Engine.


1. The category management owns an experiment of serious and demanding operations in the field of cybersecurity
2. The team perfectly identified the difficulties with the ordinary network retailer with harmful port scanning, floods, SQL injection attacks, the introduction of PHP, etc.
3. The distributed network of detection of hacker bags sounds like an effective method of creating a mass system for identifying vector attacks
4. The unused command value is small enough
5. The road map does not specify aspirations in accordance with the creation of software for institutional use
6. There are no published partners or source code repositories


Website: https://bitfence.io/

Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252856.0

Telegram: https://t.me/bitfence

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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