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BitNautic is probably a decentralized shipping and freight apron, based on blockchain technology. Aspiring to supply top fortune and golden abilities for buyers, merchants, brokers, agents, shipowners and the whole branch. BitNautic acts as a bazaar of products and products in which importers, exporters, final buyers and manufacturers have every chance to sell their own products and promote their trading practices all over the world. BitNautic owns distinctive personalities, such as the AI (Artificial Intelligence) booking system, real-time tracking of ships, the platform for e-commerce, special regulations and unique bonuses. BitNautic still introduces digital SCR (BitNautic Coin or BTNC) and deploys blockchain technology in conjunction with smart contracts to help speedy and transparent transactions. BitNautic is able to deliver ground, weightless and shipments on one platform, thus changing the method of transportation and touching all the nuances of our community.

In conventional delivery methods, transactions involve a very large number of documents, such as sales promotion agreements, charter-share agreements, bills of lading, port papers, letters of credit and the rest associated with the ship and luggage. All these papers must slip through a long chain of departments. BitNautic dominates the old classical methods of delivery, as if relieving the need for several contracts that must exist have been signed a certain number of times and, consequently, reduces the size of the documents. BitNautic still provides services and vehicles that are morally stimulated by decentralized blockchain technology. Encouraged by the way the blockchain payment system operates, BitNautic provides a trading platform for products where buyers, importers / exporters, shipowners, service providers and manufacturers of products will be able to sell their products on an open market and in free trade terms. The potential blockchain in this platform prepares it invulnerable to hacking, scams or germs, as if it is preparing it completely colorless and harmless. The decentralized delivery platform BitNautic takes the product, the manufacturer, the transporter, the buyers and all the others between them on 1 plane. The introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts prepares the process with the most colorless, harmless, effective, least labor-intensive and least vulnerable to cyberattacks. Apart from this, he prepares the tracking of orders, shipments, cargoes, containers or ships the most accurate and non-heavy.

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Website: https://bitnautic.io/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitNautic

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