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In its entity, the idea of bridging the markets and eliminating the third parties is not entirely new, but rather has its roots in the principles of the blockchain. Such an ideology is prevalent in lots of cryptocurrenciesexisting out there, although it hasn‘t been implemented in the fully functioning way as a matter of fact. The INGOT Coin, however, aims to sway such a notion into one’s favor by using the extensive functionality that the system has to offer.

By definition, the entire ecosystem, on the basis of which the INGOT currency operates, wants to utilize the smart contracts and eradicate the need for the third parties, thereby reducing the overall fees and creating the two-way market where buyers and sellers are directly connected to one another. To do so, the coin plans to adopt the techniques, used in the blockchain, to ultimately increase the confidence of the clients and provide a reliable and unbiased market pricing as well as the access to the multitude of assets. Simultaneously, the project wants to appear as decentralized and transparent to all the investors in the market, thereby increasing the trust in the overall system.

All these features may not sound new in the entirety, but they aim to solve a variety of problems, existing in the digital world. First of all, the INGOT currency recognized that there is a lack of connection between the traditional and crypto markets. Secondly, it’s clear to the creators of the coin that the current markets, both digital and real ones, operate under the inefficient structure, which poses limitations to lots of users out there. Thirdly, it’s clear that there are high fees, associated with the transaction making, which is the prerogative of the outdated means of the market. Finally, the creators of the project to comprehend the notion that there is a major trusting gap in the crypto world because of the low-quality scams and the volatile nurture of the currencies themselves.

Even though the identified problems may sound obvious, it’s still vital to realize that the IGNOT coin has the solutions prepared for all of them. The way to do so lies in ultimately delving into the ecosystem behind the entire currency. For instance, the IGNOT coin aims to integrate the six core components of the innovative market to provide all of the members with a possibility to operate under the newly efficient system, which is pretty innovative. To this end, it can be seen that the IGNOT coin plans to run itself with the help of the following components: IC Brokerage, IC Wallet, IC Digital Bank, IC Exchange, IC Crypto Certifier as well as IC ICO Accelerator. There is no need for clarifying every single part of the ecosystem as there are pretty self-explanatory in their nature, although it’s important to see the unparalleled potential of such an idea. Truly, it’s possible that all of the identified problems would be fixed with the help of the rapidly growing project, which IGNOT coin surely is.

At the same time, it’s crucial to understand that the project already has plans of practically implementing every single component of the system. This ultimately indicates the seriousness of the creators as well as intensifies the fact that the changes are near to come both in the crypto and the traditional markets.

Website: https://www.ingotcoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.ingotcoin.io/documents/en/white-paper.pdf

Telegram:  https://t.me/INGOTCoin

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3591451.0

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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