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Contract Vault is probably a platform based on Blockchain, on which anyone has the opportunity to exercise, apply, reboot, establish and correct legally substantiated contracts. Probably the toolkit for the construction of contracts is so elementary, like enticement, the market for implementation and not a dangerous environment for their supervision. Developers are still considered a building for the intelligent automation of tomorrow’s contracts; in which place the executed contracts automatically lead to events, such as means, replacing pakshi or renewable papers. From the acquisition of a building to unlock micropayments in the states of the third lattice Contract Vault — probably a fresh world of trust.

Contract Vault is probably the platform that bridges the gap between legal persuasions and smart contracts, as if it is preparing the creation and integration of contract actions for blockchain, and management is much easier.

The platform is specialized for such that it exists as a bridge, which will unite legal contracts and intellectual treaties. Thanks to the process, the nuances of creation, management and integration of contracts, their proper processes on the block chain can be kept simple. Probably the final conclusion, which will entice all who are involved in the fresh world, a whole of reasonable contracts, and the first time they will really be reasonable and legally feasible.


1. Creation by users of personal functional and modifiable templates SmartTemplates, or after all to get access to a great number of already ready solutions having legal power and specialized for writing usual persuasions and smart contracts
2. For lawyers the probability to give consultations, to gain access to the checked and adjusted smart contracts, and still to apply our devices for the most effective work with buyers is taken into account.
3. Specialists in accordance with the blockchain technologies will have the opportunity to provide their own services directly on the trading platform of the Contract Vault platform.
4. Firms will be able to perfectly and in a short time to implement their own contracts with the support of blockchain technology.

Platform Contract Vault has the ability to create a category of final and finished goods in the warehouse templates SmartTemplates, including:

1. Classical legal agreements that are allowed to apply in the usual way in the real world
2. Legal agreements that are allowed to be harmlessly stored on a decentralized medium with copy protection with the support of blocking transactions with the signature
3. SmartForms and SmartDossiers, which expand the ability of lawyers, allowing them to successfully connect and act with customers
4. Personalized smart contracts, these like Ethereum Smart Contracts
5. Legal smart contracts in the form of ricardian persuasions or smart contracts with a double binding.


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