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CountinghouseFund is probably the already established hedge fund, which uses encoded methods and mathematical methods to derive benefits from volatility and displacement in the market. ICO lure the fixed capital for the newly-made fund in order to use  available methods in the world of crypto-currency, as if it speaks about greater volatility than currency exchange.

1. ICO gives a good importance and is considered a good tool to increase public mobility, as usually for a fund like ours. Thanks to the decentralized and equitable nature of the ICO market, players have every chance to invest as much or not as much as they wish. For example, an investor has the opportunity to exist only a sum of $ 1000 in liquid capital for investments, as if it traditionally liquidates them from any controlled fund or venture capital funds. But because of the progressiveness of the ICO bazaar, this player has the opportunity to diversify into separate ICO, Countinghouse Fund and 4 other requirements for the required amount of 200 bucks USA. Probably alienates this player a diversified purse in accordance with previously unapproachable values.

2. The main fund benefits from a joint long-term experiment and the adaptability of its traders. Mathematical methods of reducing risks and trade were invented in protest against the constantly changing market conditions in foreign currency, those are the views and methods that are now adapted to the crypto-currency exchange.

3. 90% of the existing business texture can be translated into the currency of our fund, as if it means that more of the players’ funds will be directly invested in our strategies. It probably means that your fixed capital will immediately start acting with us, providing a likely response, as soon as our crypto methods become integrated. Fluid holding in the ICO fund has the opportunity to exist liquidated and received at least some episode in numbers, small or huge, the player asks, giving the Countinghouse fund holders much more elasticity and sympathy of the bazaar than in the usual packages of promo actions. Probably allows countinghouse players to take advantage of an adaptable and highly liquid pack when carrying out our ICOtokens. Probably still it allows in the present time to restore information about the prices of the players’ promotions.

4. Signs of the account fund are considered ordinary markers of the ERC20, which can be purchased all over the world.

5. To ensure safety, we will save a number of wallets for safety, where we will use hardware and cool wallets to increase safety (probably not always become productive due to the claims of human substance). 100% of banks have liquidity, these banks have the highest tariffs, but they are considered to be the most risky mass banks of the grid, as if they will allow us to successfully sell arbitrage between cryptographic and fiat currencies and bring a robust revenue to investors-labels in the absence of bench limits — run adheres to the monetary decline.



author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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