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DAV Network


DAV is a computer network that connects to one system different autopiloted vehicles (cars, trucks, drones). Users have all the chances to destroy somewhere, or bring, to get somehow. People who are available to you can get money because of the services they provide.

The largest companies these companies like Amazon, Domino, Waymo, Baidu are already experimenting with unmanned vehicles, with unmanned aircraft, independent taxis and car cabs. All probably implies that everyone wants to fully automate vehicles.

These campaigns are all considered centralized, all their own narrow interests, all in closed networks, and do not unite to create a single infrastructure for effective work.

The part of the development of DAV is considered an open decentralized interface, whatever that is. Network technologies are considered as efficient as they are, they are directed towards innovative solutions, as well as the way it is important. The team positions DAV as a platform for independent innovation solutions.

The development of DAV was created to connect independent motor transport services, service generators and users.

Token DAV is located in the center of decentralized payments. DAV is built on Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum allows you to apply Smart Contracts, which guarantee the correct collaboration between several providers and service providers. The ERC-20 interface sells a number of recognizable security judgments of the ERC-20 token, and several more investments that expand the performance for the unique needs of DAVnetworks.

DAV Tokens is traded in several currencies and in several cabins. Probably it allows you to simply change the DAV signs to other SLE, these are like US bucks, bitcoins and Ethereum.

The working DAV team will act to make any bit specific ideal reality more than in one country. DAV strives to start 1 commercial delivery system, which operates only on the crypto currency. After the completion of this milestone, DAV will again become operational over the creation and implementation of equipment on its platform with the support of crypto currency. DAV is aimed at possessing the very longest flight of an independent drone, which will fly around the country, stopping at various places to replace the battery. DAVgives independent mechanized karam, an unmanned aircraft, including ships of their own help. DAV will become the share of the highest monetary industry in the future, with its promising technologies and future crypto currency in the world.

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