FlipNpik — new ICO for business

FlipNpik is considered to be the main common social media for district companies operating in an ecosystem based on Blockchain technology, in which the generic price is divided into a fair and decentralized base among all functional employees. The main task is to contribute to the improvement of the regional economy and to promote schemes of regional and serious use.

By combining users, miniature business and service providers, the 360 FlipNpik ecosystem creates real businesses that benefit all partners. District shopping centers use inflated visibility, buyers have all the chances to find special instructions and get real merits in exchange for their positive deeds, while the ambassadors’ partners have all the chances to take an active part in promoting their own favorite business and recover retribution from the merchants.

FlipNpik was tested in the main area of Montreal, and the theory of confirmations was established. Company is launching ICO to integrate blockchain technology with the addition of FNP to improve our international deployment and provide businesses with the most non-threatening, easily accessible and easily accessible solution. And  it is obliged to declare that as if  it is differentiated, it will reach plan, independently from the results of fundraising.

Company will achieve success, therefore, as if it surrounded themselves with an informed team. FlipNpik has the ability to rely on almost all professionals, connecting professionals in the field of money, creating algorithms, creating content, management and technology. The plan has still received the help of the best crypto-consultants, as well as dedicated firms that have already proved their own professionalism and success in the past ICO.

While the townspeople are increasingly afraid of nets, company believe that it’s time to give the real added value of their online role. Company believe in the creation and exchange of information, and if it is better than the regional economy for this? Company does not want to change the world with a charming wand. They have a plan to make sure, according to the 1 st quarter due to the times, with the role of all the accomplices: buyers, small business and creative people. Specifically, with this state of mind, and with a well-timetable schedule, they will be able to transform this plan into something definite.



author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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