Fry Egg — Your Own Dedicated Coach For Health

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In its entity, Fry Egg aims to promote the healthy lifestyle all across the globe by using the help of its rich functionality and promising technical basis on which the cryptocurrency operates. Wanting to connect all the fitness coaches as well as the clients, Fry Egg does a sort of unique job in the industry, lacking the positive community of people behind making the changes. It’s worth noting that Fry Egg fully operates on the basis of the blockchain, allowing for the revenue generation through the commission-based structuring of the fees. Although, there is an obvious need to specify the business model behind the project.

Fry Egg’s platform functions as a mechanism for rewarding both the fitness clients and coaches for the positive results as well as offering the services as a payment method. You can simply imagine all of the unparalleled opportunities that open up to anyone, interested in purchasing the membership with the help of the tokens. Not only would you be able to save a considerable amount of money as a result of such a transaction, but also feed-up the entire ecosystem and boost the possibility of the continuous innovation. Simultaneously, the Fry Eggs can be used for obtaining the personalized training programs, tipping the coaches, as well as rewarding oneself for burning the calories. Not only is such innovation unseen in the crypto world, but also has the potential to fully shape the industry of gyms and training.

In the context of fitness, the Fry Egg tokens could be also exploited with the help of the gym equipment, including the riding bikes and running tropes as a matter of fact. As the person keeps burning the calories, not only is it possible to ultimately generate tokens, but also incentivize the «participants» with an aim of generating the profit. In the future, it’s possible that the system is going to ultimately mine the coins with the help of the energy, generated with the help of the training mechanisms and equipment, existing at the gym.

Still, it’s vital to comprehend the notion that the project is more ideological than practical currently. Of course, if there would be an overwhelming support during the initial coin offering, it’s possible that the project would rapidly grow. However, as often as it happens with the cryptocurrencies, the value has the possibility of depreciation if not used properly or exploited solely for the purposes of profit-making. Nevertheless, every investment is risky in its entity, which is why no one should longly hesitate with the free loads of money, available for such a deed.

Website: https://tokensale.fryegg.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FryEggOfficial
Telegram: https://t.me/FryEggCommunity
Medium: https://medium.com/fryegg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fryegg
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