HEROIC — Decentralized Cybersecurity powered by Artificial Intelligence

Heroic is a firm that tries to help non-bank peoples to get subsidized through the 1st mobile pawn center Mobile 2.0, located in South-East Asia. In 2014 in the Philippines, they previously became their own business (not originally based in bloc relationships), in which only 30% of the senior have a bank result.
How does the Heroic platform work?
They try to destroy the reliefs of pawnshops due to: — the lowest low-cost amount due to the dispersed texture of spending and a significant lucrative rate for the purpose of the existing bargaining (physiological shopping centers) — a number of established makings (filigree product, microelectronics, time, bags, etc.) in spite of filigree products only for the purpose of the existing market — gratuitous delivery of deposits or physiological depots for the purpose of the existing market They expect to improve the method of their scoring in order to provide loans in the absence of provision (for individuals and small firms) and, ultimately, to increase their own entrepreneurship in South-East Asia.
As for the blockade, they just want to use the main fintech locking functions, similar as well as clarity, efficiency, and, probably, inexpensive and basic tools through the ICO. Nothing unusual here. Although, this is a very promising firm, Finteh, which has previously a strong formulary list and detailed vision in the shortest two years. to build economic calculation for the purpose of non-bank people: the information Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, iTunes, etc. have all the chances to apply from the top of the deposit with the goal of a score and share the best profitable bet with the goal of people.
The technical act is not considered technological in any way. This in no way less, we quite like the pragmatism of this thought. However, no less, one more time, the blockchain is considered the most glorious, rather than follows with the aim of their business. And their token, among other things, is not applied in any way for the purpose of processing a loan in their landing room. It is very distressing. A bunch of businessmen arriving from the bank section, fintek and separate trade. They argued earlier that they are a large group, so as the Character received a number of Fintech / start-ups in the district and was supported by IlyaBabka. There are practically no catching abilities found in any way. All in all  Heroic is a very cool and perfect ICOfor small investors. 

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