Hexcash ICO

HexCash is a system for managing a decentralized crypto-currency fund where your fund grows before your control. HexCash reduces the strength gap that arose between investors and the fund management program.

  • Built on the Ethereum Blockchain system: HexCash is built and supported by the Ethereum Blockchain system, an industry benchmark in all cash programs in the encryption warehouse.
  • ERC20 token standard: ERC20 is probably an ordinary token for smart contracts, which guarantees an unprecedented safety of your fund, invested in HexCash.
  • The HODL retaliation system, based on smart contracts and crypto currency exchange: the HexCash funds management system is programmed to give you revenue when you place the HexCash tags in an accessible block system.

JOYSO is probably a mixed dispersed exchange or HEX, which is focused on combining the advantages of centralized exchange and decentralized exchange

JOYSO.io — probably a concentrated exchange and dispersed exchange in one. The exchange is aimed at concluding the problems inherent in the two types of exchanges.

As the JOYSO website explains, «the coming hybrid». They centralized their own platform for speed, but decentralized it to provide security. Users do not need to rely on a central exchange with their own key or their own information, but they all have equal chances of gaining access to centralized order management and centralized speeds.

The firm will begin to gain revenue from trading fees. The price because of the trade will be set at about 0.1% for the manufacturers of applications and 0.2% for customers.

JOYSO distinguishes all the following advantages and dignities:

  1. All bids are considered as limited orders, giving the best probable value
  2. The intellectual ratio is disabled to simplify the quick finish and the coincidence of «Wotan to almost everyone»
  3. The intellectual ratio eliminates the burden of security problems
  4. The price is due to gas lower than quite decentralized exchanges
  5. The exchange does not have the ability to change the balance in the user account
  6. Before the end of trading, depositors are required to bring their own contribution directly into the smart contract; They do not have to write down funds in a concentrated purse or exchange fund
  7. Users have every chance to cancel transactions for those times, as long as they do not coincide in any way
  8. Completed transactions are published on a block chain in a colorless and traceable manner

JOYSO plans to lure users, offering a 50% discount on trading fees when using JOY tokens. JOYSO will begin to produce transactions and advertisements, offering free and frictionless lists for ICOs.

Advertising infow on JOYSO through the JoySelect program will still become competitive, with a 50% discount for ICO paying with Satisfaction.

The signs of JOY are probably utility tokens, prepared to facilitate trade, voting and the role in the ICO. JOYSO will offer a 50% discount on transactional fees (not connecting gas) using JOY.

The newest ICO have all the chances to enroll free of charge to JOYSO, having received a 50% discount on marketing fees through the JoySelect program.

In the future, JOYSO plans to start a decentralized margin trade. As soon as this function is launched, JOY users will be able to sell with the lowest supply, in accordance with the comparison with ETH.

The JOYSO brigade gathered in September 2017. The main members of the team are Tom Sun, the lead director. Tom controlled the world’s leading 28-nm bitcoin chip. In 2014, he created AlcheMiner and brought to the market a 40-nm chip Litecoin chip, which was used for 20% of the Litecoin production power. He is still considered a consultant in accordance with the block chain ITRI, the first of the leading global technology research institutes in technology, and also the administrator of the Chinese society Bitcoin and the category Taipei Ethereum Meetup.

Other key members of the team are Taka Kao (COO), former industrial director of the Research Institute of Industrial Technology and Will Se (CTO), a Ph.D. in computer science at the State Institute of Taiwan.

The firm was formed before the title Consensus Innovation, Ltd.

JOYSO strives to disrupt the current exchange environment by crypto-currencies, creating a mixed dispersed / concentrated exchange. The firm strives to give the advantages of a decentralized exchange — for example, its own safety due to its own personal funds — and the ability of centralized exchange — both high-speed and speedy interaction of applications.

Website: https://www.hexcash.com/
One Paper: https://www.hexcash.com/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hexcashofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/hexcash
author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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