RankingBall — modern gaming platform[ENG]

RankingBall — probably an innovative gaming platform, revealing the latest horizons for sports and e-sports. He turns admirers from ordinary observers into functional partners. Investors have all the chances to take part in the fun of RankingBall while watching sports events in real time, to take part in competitions with other accomplices and to overcome the merits based on their progress. These merit, and the devotion program are unique, therefore they rely on the Blockchain RankingBall ecosystem. RankingBall Gold will offer 2 types of tokens: RankingBall Gold (coins on the blockchain Ethereum) and RankingBall Silver, which users will be able to purchase with the help of add-ons on their own phones. RBG and RBS will be joined, but RBS will only be used in the RankingBall ecosystem, while RBS will be used externally. Coins will be divided as follows: 25% — co-owners for 1 coin sale, 25% — stock for the 2nd coin sale, at the end of 2018 — 30% — advertising reserve for user lifting, loyalty programs, good nature and etc., 10% — business partners, 10% — a team of developers and developers.

Using special devices, users have all the chances to perform the inclusion of behavioral monitoring to mobile phones.

The RankingBall platform considers quantitative configurations in accordance with any sports event in real time mode. Using a bingo card, users have all the chances to move around in the process of the match. Service RankingBall can be used for virtually all sports. To this day, the specialists have completed the outline of beta studies with traditional sports forms.

Users do not need to focus on currency retaliation. To achieve the established goals, the experts improved all the informers of these, the logic of the games, and also the system of scoring. These can be given by players in real time. Probably preparing a stream transmission of the highest quality, stable. The modern system of retribution of spectator’s entertainment is built on the crypto-currency economy. Due to Blockchain technology, decentralization of every player results. In addition, the system is allowed to acquire retribution. Discounts are included in reasonable contracts, thanks to which the RankingBall service is actively deployed. The proposed games fit the skills of P2P. Because of this, a new ecosystem is being formed, prepared for media carriers, marketing sponsors and developers.

RankingBall — probably a comfortable platform, which has the opportunity to use any gamer, physical education for effective work and successful bets. The role in the ICO RankingBall is allowed, starting from May 21. The plan has excellent views.

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