Seal – protecting the value of the most adored brands in the world

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Seal is probably an authentication operation based on blockchain technology. Perron is focused on protecting the value of the most adored brands in the world, as if it allows users to simply test the reliability of any product with the help of a normal phone scan.

Now the main brands around the world are aimed at fraudulent manufacturers. The name of these brands is tarnished by feet and fakes. Seal rushes to solve this problem with the introduction of blockchain technology, allowing buyers and manufacturers to experience real products.

Seal is not only served by chic brands in billion bucks; on the Internet site of Sal, developers, artists, programmers and other faces are mentioned. The world is full of creators — and these people are dependent on real creations in order to preserve their own reputation.

Seal provides authentication services in accordance with the block chain, allowing buyers and manufacturers to test the product’s personality. Though what kind of person has the opportunity to apply Seal, to firmly, quickly and economically test the reliability of any product with the help of «Seal».

Technically talking, Seal uses NFC-compatible chips for an effective, non-dangerous and discrete introduction of the system into any physiologically made product.

In the main, Seal connects the integration of the Seal finalist into the product. After such, as this Seal chip was added to the product, the product is connected to the numerical record on the block-chain. Anyone has the opportunity to test the reliability of the product at the same time by simply pressing or scanning at least some smart device.

In addition to the chip using Seal for the ecosystem, you will need a mobile Seal application installed on an NFC compatible phone. There is also a Seal token, which allows you to know between different parts of the platform. In the database only lies the Seal network, the unchangeable basis of these chains, where any transaction is recorded and verified by its nodes.

Meanwhile, brands are considered the only issuers of paired goods on the block chain. Thanks to this system, brands have every chance to literally find out how authentic copies are released. Dishonest manufacturers no longer have a chance to create imitations that can be transmitted as authentic because their copies have no chance to reproduce the token.

Mass counterfeiting is a great business. On the Internet website Seal it is mentioned that fake products for a necessary amount of 2.8 trillion times a year are forged. Wotan of any 5 goods made in China, is considered counterfeit. Fake is considered a trivial problem in the clothing, footwear and handbag industry. But perhaps there is still a problem for safety cushions, aircraft share, medicine and other sectors of the industry economy.

Seal — probably a system of authentication of the brand, revolving around the technology of blockchain, numerical SLE, mobile addition and NFC chips. The Seal system includes the introduction of an NFC chip into products, and then with the help of a mobile application to scan the code to test the presence of this NFC chip. Users and companies have all the chances to apply Seal for testing the authenticity of any kind of product.

Because of the plan there are partners and advisers who will help in development, probably attracts interest. And this plan is a good candidate for diversification of cash.

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