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SLATE — it is a protocol based on blocking technology and a cryptographically non-dangerous multilayered scam. The decentralized system will give cheap high-speed video of the highest definition in accordance with the whole world and will give the probability of realizing tickets in the present time. Buyers will be able to spend SLATE-Crypto-Currency (SLX) on the favorite available joys. The implementation of SLATE guarantees a fair and transparent retribution between creators, manufacturers and distributors. Developers receive impartial retaliation, and buyers receive the most high-quality fun. Tickets bought with the support of SLATE, will own protection from fakes, virtually eliminating the scam. Service providers with SLX have all the chances to get even more, saving and providing content

SLATE (SLX) wants to have a numeric SLE of the fun industry, providing access to the best of pleasures, providing harmless, reliable payments and structured incentives. It will be used as a payment for Binge subscription, transactional purchases and tickets for all events offered through Slatix.

The creators of the system put before themselves a number of main tasks. Thus, customers will get cheap access to high-quality video content and other entertainment products, and their developers (creators, producers, distributors) will be able to divide revenue with the greatest fairness, truthfulness and transparency.

In the final result, they are aimed at creating a unique crypto currency and a successful ecosystem, optimized for interaction with premium content.

SLATE (SLX) — a digital price for the fun industry, is needed for premium content access. The price made on the base of the block is needed to pay for subscriptions, transaction fees, purchase tickets and other fun offered in Slatix.

BINGE is the 1st decentralized flow platform, which was invented on the basis of distributed technology with the implementation of Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD). The apron will be a colorless inventory for interaction of firms with buyers, and the behavioral specialist will undoubtedly help to better understand the contemplators. In addition to the interaction of developers and users, acquired with the support of the blockbuster, these help to create the best content.

SLATIX is a special functional part for the realization of tickets, inside which a unique system of rewards, incentives and a large selection of events operate. Among the system’s superiority, it is allowed to note very low commissions, huge bonuses, legal service and testing of «counterfeit» tickets for uniqueness.

Advantages of ICO SLATE

1. Multilayer construction. «Pie» SLATE connects the main network, the calculated crypto-cash register, and the second guarantee layer-master code. In its own order, the network of master classes consists of a large number of warranty nodes for saving video, which will be available to Binge users. In addition, the master crafts are responsible for the additional safety, and also the quick generation and redemption of tokenized tickets for the addition of SLATIX.

2. Revolutionary video application Binge, created on the basis of the blockade and capable of raising to a new degree the bar of stereotypes of streaming the video in high resolution. The basis of Binge’s work is only the effective development of a distributed registry, which in no way will significantly increase the speed of stream transmission, but will also simplify the function of licensing the video. Another 1 unique feature of the video application is the chance to directly divide money finances between creators and suppliers with the support of technologies of self-regulation that have not been used before.

3. The universal addition of SLATIX will allow you to find and take tickets for the favorite events of the grid. In the work of addition, a colorless supervised system of feedbacks and user ratings will be applied, combining the present public outlook with the technologies of machine learning.

So, the functional users of SLATIX will be able to acquire retribution in the framework of the devotional program, and also good bonuses for the most noteworthy performances, gala shows, theatrical and film screenings, sporting events, visits to museums all over the world.

With this, the purchased tickets will be provided to customers in the format of tokens, which in fact completely eliminates the likelihood of a fake (in that amount, when exchanging tickets at a secondary market).

The Slate protocol is the basis of these with open source code, which is based on the research of Dash, PIVX, LBRY. The network of SlateChain combines the advantages of 3 protocols, which in combination allow Slate to improve both for streaming content, and for the ticket sales function.


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