Sleekplay — reword for users and profit for developers

Sleekplay is probably a fresh conclusion for the monetization of block-based content that uses the computational power of devices to validate users and benefit developers.

The ubiquity of attached smart devices and their growing abilities led to a boom in demand for use
multimedia content, such as music, video and games. Probably in its own order led to a reputation according to the claim such as Spotify and Netflix, as well as publishers of games or creators as the fun of EA and Gameloft. They give great variations of content when making classic monetization models (for example, gratuitous values of announcements or commercial
Subscriptions). These monetization models while success in the past led a bad user experiment and a fall finance for firms that accept they mean that candidates necessary.

Sleekplay connects the amount of time that a regular user spends on their device, computing capacity. These devices and the power of the blockchain calculations for monetization
model, which is interesting for the user, content developers and service providers.

Huge number of developers and service providers hope in the main for the classic monetization, for example, media disclosure. But, with its obvious shortcomings, creators and suppliers just interested in rethinking their monetization strategies2 and to take advantage of block computing
in accordance with the stimulation of the user’s computing resources. Our test of the market
indicates some amount of content monetizationmodel, describes the ability of the market and outlines our competitiveness superiority.

Acts on the Cryptonote blockchain, as if Monero. Sleekplay is optimized for the efficient use of the power of devices for monetizing content.

SKP — probably kriptovalyuta, which runs the platform Sleekplay. It works as a utility for stimulating content, paying for developers and retaliation for users. He still has the opportunity to exist exchanged on the exchange.

SleekPlay uses the ubiquity and growing power of mobile devices. Users enjoy content on the move, having the probability of receiving merit and earning money for developing applications.

The SleekPlay apron uses block computing abilities to create a value from such a time as you interact with additions.

Users are constantly distorted by ads that lower their joint experiment, and creators are obliged to give the property of the brand and contentment of customers, in order to monetize the content, in the absence of a guarantee it is completely applicable to the importance of any user.

A unique conclusion is using the power of the devices with the means of block computing and the time of interaction with the user, characterized as a goal, to receive earnings for developers and generators, and also the retaliation of users because of their role.

How does it work?

  1. Loads and uses content on additions, games or offers, working on Sleekplay, and acquires incentives for their role.
  2. Integrates with the platform Sleekplay, to provide importance for its users, while transforming the user role in earnings.
  3. Manages the distribution and distribution of retaliation and payments to users and developers.


  1. Users have all the chances to view their own adorable additions in the absence of advertising interruptions.
  2. As a result of our target system and incentives, the creators make money more for the first user than for advertising.
  3. Since users use their own adored streaming applications and fun, Sleekplay rewards their SKP. The added SKP is allowed to be exchanged for digital products or cash.
  4. Thus, as mining eliminates the need for advertising, creators have all the chances to give high-quality services and protect their own fixed assets.
  5. Thanks to the unique system of target systems Sleekplay and incentives for users, users interact more with applications, increasing finance and conversion characteristics.
  6. Additions built with SleekPlay attract more users than rivals, with the attraction of earning SKP coins.

Website: https://sleekplay.com/
WhitePaper: https://www.sleekplay.com/docs/Sleekplay-Whitepaper-EN.pdf
BountyHive: bountyhive.io/join/SleekPlay?from=euus

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