KIRIK is the first meta-protocol in society with a non-closed source code in order to bring together existing designs. This makes it possible for users to create transactional works (scientific society), which can help to move numeric assets among different concepts of blockades. KIRIK is a secondary plan of Eyeline Communications LLC, which gives platform decisions for mobile operators, banks and fiintech companies. Group plan has 15 years of general skill in the formation of high-performance platforms for the purpose of mobile operators, banks and providers of economic services.

That there are semantic concepts, workers with information and styles (transition, selection on the Internet, human-computer interaction) will all be without exception the most popular. In addition to the distribution and study of software provision, which can affect the ordinary user. The development of neurointerfaces, in this amount of «leadership thinking», various subjects, the provision of feelings and excitement in the distance. Undoubtedly, the fact that in numerous spheres of human existence informative technological processes have previously been used by all, without exception, the most and most. So the fact that you follow on, this means to stay in the absence of absolutely nothing.

However, to fortune, these difficulties have every chance of being resolved by the Name plan. This act makes it possible to form a well-formed semantic form that is able to function directly as well as an informative concept, making the stage of programming superfluous. In this case, in fact, they keep the value of business-actions and are opened with the purpose of AI and robots. In that case there is, this bridge from the human brain to the synthetic mind.

Almost every individual who applies concepts, standards, source-schemes, will be able to form similar contracts for the purpose of work Smart contracts combine scalable, dispersed financial locations, which contain a number of firms, spheres and buyers, regardless of the degree of trust among them. Here the Name can help peoples unconsciously accept them as absolutely simple contracts by all the participants in the movement, and this gives you the chance to pick up a certain type of registry for any plan (in the absence of binding to a particular source chain) — in connection with the texture of the category of partners, the degree of trust among them and questions.

The idea is very promising for the purpose of indicating, and their food will create it the most not dangerous for the purpose of using cars and robots in our existence, thus just as due to the semantics these factors will be provided if the vital activity is able to appear in threats and avoid such episodes. Its members and supervisors are considered to be popular scientists, experts with a huge skill and for the time being the advance realization of tokens.

Website: https://kirik.io/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hy2Et9NCd2qaZM7ijFAISY_FGpOJzXrQ/view
author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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