TheBlock Bank — the road of changing banking system

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It will not just be elementary about the next ICO, but a really promising large-scale plan, which will be a pioneer in the integration of blocking technology into our daily lives. As you understand, the provided development is especially interesting for the banking branch.

I want to deliver your unique and first-in-a-kind plan. Block Bank (Internet site) — International Trade Bank. The main difference at the stage of entering the market is the International Banking License, because of which the founders already paid USD 3,200,000 and, which will be issued at the end of 2018, I will not bring any examples of losing plans, victims of failure from for lack of a proper license and other permissive documentation, and immediately go to the essence of the plan itself.

The founders of Block Bank set before themselves the massive goals to change the banking system and, having become acquainted with the whitepaper of the plan, the reader himself will be able to put the whole potential in it. Block Bank will begin to show services in accordance with lending to paid companies. All operations will be done in accordance with internationally recognized standards of banking and paid lending. Players of Block Bank have all chances not only to doze quietly realizing that their contributions are provided with real assets of the bench, in accordance with the generally recognized standards of Basel III, but still have its own share in the annual benefit of the Bench, whose fraction will be 80% of the net profit. Most of this is taken into account the referral system for bench buyers. Talking in the usual language, if you bring a friend-businessman Vasya, giving him your own referral code, you certainly will not only help him to start his own business, but you will bear it well in this one. Being in the depository of Block Bank, you can have your own fixed capital, both in funds and in the crypto currency, as if it will be another step on the way to legalizing crypto currency. As if touching the internal hard currency, invented by the Reserve Bank Block Token (Block Bank Reserve Token), which confirms the advantage of ownership of the holder for the role in the distribution of annual benefits, like promo actions. Still, the creation of a depot in BBRT (Block Bank Reserve Token) is considered a prerequisite for obtaining a paid loan. It should be noted that the BBRT tokens are allowed to be purchased because of Block Bank Coins (Block Bank coins). Such a politician will give a possible rise of the rate on the token and coin of the bench in accordance with the growing demand for paid loans. As if, to say the word, does not have the opportunity not to amuse traders.

And in the end, about the personally basic composing plan! The decentralized Block Bank system will work on the Ethereum platform, and the DDAMS (Digital Direct Application Management System) method will take care of all banking information and the register of banking activities. Naturally, in fact, you immediately had a question about the safety and security of these banks. However, the god of skepticism is obliged to disappoint you, the safety of the plan and the customers is considered a task of the main importance for the developers, therefore the number of measures for its supply is taken into account, starting with the KYC exercise for the players and ending with the need for several access keys to release deposit funds.

Website: http://theblock-bank.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/block_bank
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blockbank.cash
Telegram: https://t.me/BlockBank_cash

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