Usechain—the first mirror identity blockchain

Usechain aims to dedicate itself to developing the first blockchain mirroring identity system out there. The project bases itself on the existing technologies in Blockchain and aims to destroy a notion that it’s impossible to scale an opportunity to such an incredible level. By using the mirror identity protocol and integrating multi-level innovations as well as technology, Usechain does something that was unseen before in the entire world of digital coins. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Usechain provides quite an infrastructure of technology for both existing and future projects in the sphere of influence, which surely deserves some admiration. The currency also wants to develop more widely used Dapps as well as provide the underlying technical support for the various industries, including finance, marketing, health insurance, entertainment, corporate law, supply chain management, as well as asset and social management. Truly, by planning such an overarching project, Usechain already deserved admiration from a multitude of its critics.

Some technical specifications
What’s worth noting is that Usechain aims to provide the same relative level of security that’s available in any other cryptocurrency of the focus because of its use of anonymous and public blockchains, factually speaking. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that Usechain can solve the problems of Impossible Trinity from the new dimension of scale, security, and decentralization, especially in the long-term perspective. With support from academical and commercial institutions from all over the globe, Usechain will only continue to operate on the basis of such underlying principles that would be of the most use to the variety of people and companies from all over the globe. Usechain aims to develop a robust ecosystem that would satisfy the needs of anyone who wants to exploit the benefits of the platform, which is pretty unusual in the world of cryptocurrency so to speak.

Usechain takes the idea that identity matters up to the new level and establishes a solid ground for fixing the various problems of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Dash, and all the other existing digital coins out there. Not to forget to mention the fact that the multi-level reorganizations and commercial models of blockchain are brought up to the world’s attention solely by Usechain and the platform that it develops nowadays. Still, it’s vital to comprehend the notion that Usechain supports decentralized Dapps in future inclusive financial services and could solve the issues of the former in the long-term perspective. For example, a seamless integration of the channel between the real and digital worlds could be developed by the personal identity token, thus making it possible to turn organizations and individuals into identity tokes. The incredibly high-performance and the decentralized nurture of the Usechain in the entire ecosystem makes it possible for values in any forms to operate on the efficient basis, thereby decreasing the everlasting waiting periods and commissions all across the different platforms.

Blockchain limitations
The creators of Usechain realize better than anyone else that there are lots of problems, connected to the operating principles of Blockchain. For instance, it’s clear that even though the technology is pretty reliable, it still could be drawn into low performance because of the lack of development and support from the major ecosystems. At the same time, blockchain is surely lacking some anonymous development and doesn’t allow for its users to stay hidden in terms of financial operations that are continuously happening on the platform. Finally, there can be some drastic technical difficulties connected with the blockchain, which is why some of the businesses are really hesitant to adopt blockchain into its technologies and operating principles. Usechain, on the other hand, aims to solve all of the problems of Usechain and develop the ecosystem that would not be limiting its users as blockchain does currently. Still, it’s crucial to realize that Usechain is pretty abstract as for now and would require some major development to become a platform that’s worth everyone’s attention. However, because of the prominence of ideology, it makes sense why people from all over the globe don’t hesitate to invest in the project right now. The creators of Usechain have an unusual vision, which is carried on into the real-world with an ease, thereby attracting even financial institutions to cooperate!

Website: http://www.usechain.net/
Telegram: https://t.me/usechaingroup
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3432061.0
Whitepaper: http://www.usechain.net/usechain_en.pdf
author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1603038;sa=summary

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