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Velix ID

The modern world is difficult to imagine without the Internet. Internet technologies have firmly entered our life, weekly or even daily, we use the Internet for shopping in stores, restaurant orders, check-in for flights, authorization in social networks. The scope of services provided on the Internet can be enumerated indefinitely. The comfort that the Internet provides is difficult to overestimate. But at the same time every time when we are provided with some kind of service via the Internet, the provision of personal data is a prerequisite. Users everywhere specify personal information, from the e-mail address to the identity documents. How this information is transmitted, stored, how securely it is protected is an open question. And this applies not only to the Internet, in everyday life we share personal information with many medical, financial and other companies directly and the way it is processed and stored does not always correspond to basic security requirements. In our country (and not only) cases of sales of databases of telephone, car numbers and even identity cards are not rare. This is a very profitable business and is put on stream. Admittedly, improper storage of personal data, their sale — the problem of the modern world, where most of the information can be found on the World Wide Web, modern security systems do not provide data protection at the proper level.

The company Velix ID intends to solve this problem, the team proposes to create a completely new level of digital identity, based on the technology of blockade. In addition, Velix.ID is aimed at reducing financial costs, time, ensuring confidentiality and improving the level of security in the verification of identity.

Velix ID is a universal, stable, transparent, decentralized (does not store data in a central database) and an economically efficient ecosystem for identity verification. Thanks to Velix ID of the company, various institutions will be confident in the reliability of the data provided, and the owners of personal data will be confident in protecting their personal information at the highest level.

The system is absolutely transparent, there are no difficulties in verifying the authenticity of transactions, it can be verified and confirmed. Velix ID has the highest degree of security, even in the case of violations in the Velix.ID system, this will not be followed by compromise of user data. The system is not identifiable, therefore the confidentiality of the person is always protected. The universality of the system is due to an almost instantaneous ID check without geographical restrictions.

Blockchane is a modern and most advanced technology. Blocking provides an opportunity to codify and execute a huge number of interactions, significantly improves stability, reliability, eliminates business risks associated with centralization, the center that manages the entire process, and in addition, blocking reduces the need for trust. When using blockroom applications from different companies and even different types can work together, providing the most effective and smooth interaction and leaving a trail that everyone can check to make sure everything is handled correctly. This is a significant advantage of the blockers, since no one is interested in distributing personal information in a public database that can be read without any restrictions from law enforcement, regulatory authorities, foreign governments, business competitors or other third parties. All operations on the Velix.ID blocker are performed by calling functions on intellectual contracts. Smart contracts on the block, also called self-executing contracts, are computer codes that can automatically fulfill the obligations and terms of the agreement without requiring an intermediary, discarding control over the computer program. This is a very important requirement for establishing any ties between the parties that do not trust each other.

It is important to note that during the initial placement of the tokens, the owners of the tokens will be given the standard VXD ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum unit. When Velix.ID is launched, the owner of the tokens will be listed the equivalent number of tokens in Velix.ID (VXD). In the future, with the development of the platform, VXD is fragmented into a smaller unit, called VEL, 1 VXD = 100,000 VEL. This is done in order to make the individual verification procedure more user-friendly, since the cost of VXD tokens will be divisible into smaller parts.

  • Estimated price 1 VXD = 1 USD
  • Bonus: currently available
  • Ethereum Platform
  • We accept ETHBTCXRPLTC for payment
  • Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
  • Softcap 2,500,000 USD
  • Hardcap $ 23,800,000
  • All unsold tokens will be burned
  • Project Country Singapore
  • Whitelist: yes

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