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Website: https://vortix.io/

Current Situation
We live in a world of blockchains. Today, the environment we face consists of information and technology, thus making us be familiar with data and cryptography, and various interactions and mixtures of those two cornerstones of our era. Since every person is producing and consuming information, a question of one’s security arises. Leading specialists in Blockchain Technology use their knowledge and experience to create secured storages of information. Among a few others, there’s a service that provides you an opportunity to get your files stored and protected in a way you like, additionally offering an affordable pricing and customized sets of storage packings. The service is called “MySafe” or “MySafe Vault” by Vortix.

About Vortix

Vortix is company that provides first ever known BlockChain storage, where people can keep their files and important documents stored and secured. It is one of the leading companies in the field, which means that the company’s reputation in the field is solid and its potential is enormous. Vortix created MySafe not only to offer an affordable space for everyone but also to create an incorruptible storage for users’ documents and encrypted files that would work on the same technology and ecosystem as the Blockchain works. What is also important, Vortix’s customers can easily share their files with other users, though no one else can access their files.

Company’s Offerings

The Vortix company intends to create three forms of MySafe stockpiling that would be available for purchasing. The diversity of the sets that are tailored for one’s need and opportunity makes MySafe a good thing for any client all around the globe.

  1. The Steel Vault — this set is primarily designed for ones interested in small storage aimed to be used for a personal need. This multiyear agreement provides one customer with one key. Given this pack, there’s no plausibility of sharing.
  2. Gold Carbon Vault is a good choice for a small enterprise or a family using. It allows three keys to get to the store house. With the Gold Carbon Vault, and incomplete sharing of the substance of the store is conceivable. The incomplete sharing can be given utilizing a multi-signature.
  3. Krypto Titanium Vault offers an entire multi-stockpiling. In this case, the keys are given for utilize and a user can download records for numerous clients. The records may be transferred with the consent of the store owner.

These are the fundamental models of what Vortix is contineously offering to its clients. In any case, later the company will create extra models and forms. What is important, the alternative «To arrange» will be accessible, inside the structure of which ventures will be executed for non-standard purposes: medicinal services, budgetary, managing an account frameworks, and so forth.

Initial Coin Offering

After the pre-sale, there will be four rounds during the ICO, with each of the rounds lasting for 15 days. During each round, there 26,875,000 VTX tokens will be available for customers. That means, a total of 107,500,000 VTX Tokens would be offered for the all ICO rounds. The price for the first round will be 1 VTX = 0.16 USD. At the ICO, the minimum purchase allowed will be 100 VTX.


All in all, you should not miss the chance to joing the community of doers that use their resources effectively. Investing your finances in Vortix Tokens would definitely result in offering you an ultimately safe space for the files you own. Join the project and buy your VTXs and enjoy the benefits offered by the most advantageous platform in the market. Do not waste any of your time and join the company’s Telegram group so that you can communicate with Vortix and clarify any questions you may have. Do not miss this great opportunity offered by the Vortix project.

Website: https://vortix.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/VortixICO
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4349724.new#new
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